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Harry Potter Expertus

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Welcome to HP Expertus, the newest Harry Potter Fanfiction challenge site on livejournal. Here you will find all kinds of exercises and challenges for writing Harry Potter fanfiction. Read on to find out more about this community.

THE NAME - So, why HP Expertus? Well, Expertus is latin for "to try, test, experience, prove", which is just what we strive to do here. To test you in writing HP fanfiction!

RULES - There are just a few simple rules for this community. Each challenge will have its own specific rules that will be listed in the challenge post:

1) No flaming, or being rude to other members. If they post an entry in a challenge, feel free to give constructive criticism, but don't be mean about it!

2) Please don't post random fanfictions. If you have a fanfiction you want to post, try going to hp_fanfiction or a community like that. This community if for challenges, and posting your entries in the challenges.

3) Please make sure to read the rules for each challenge and follow them. Basic rules for the challenges are that you follow the given prompt and post your entry on time. We also do NOT accept any entries ABOVE an R rating. We will notify you if your entry does not follow the rules, and you will be allowed to fix it, otherwise the entry will be deleted.

4) When entering a challenge, post it as an ENTRY, not as a comment to the challenge post.
Please follow these guidelines:

- Make sure to use the header (below) when entering. Put the rest of your entry BEHIND an lj-cut. You may do a few lines as a preview if you wish, but only a FEW. Remember, you must use the following header, and then put the rest of your entry BEHIND an lj-cut.

Use the following header when submitting:

CHALLENGE NUMBER - (one, two, etc... whatever challenge you're entering)
USERNAME - (your username, obviously)
TITLE - (title of your entry, if applicable)
RATING - (A rating for your entry, NOTHING above "R" allowed.)
WARNINGS - (any warnings about your fic? swearing, sex, etc)
LENGTH - (how many words? make sure this follows the challenge rules)

5) How do the winners get chosen? Each round will have three winners. There will be two winner's chosen by the moderators (one winner by each) and then there will be voting for the reader's choice winners, in which our members can vote on which entry they liked best. All winners will recieve awards.

6) PLEASE follow these rules. If you have any questions about the challenges, comment to the challenge's thread. If you have any other questions, please e-mail the moderators.

OWNERS - hp_expertus is run by Lia (alliana07) and Jodi (sithhappens_101).

DESIGN - Layout header by alliana07, original codes by reversescollide.